Guest/Daily wages Teachers Appointment

General Education Department issued guidelines for the Appointment of Guest Teachers in Govt and Aided  Schools, Payment of remuneration to teachers appointed on daily wages in the Govt/Aided schools etc:-. Click the below link to download the full text of the Govt order, Guidelines for the appointment of guest teachers, remuneration, Salary processing etc:-

Appointment of Guest/Daily wages Teachers in Aided schools 2024-25 -Circular No.3405/2024 GEDN Dated 30-05-2024
Appointment of Guest/Daily wages Teachers in Govt schools 2024-25 -Circular No.3404/2024 GEDN Dated 30-05-2024
HSST Daily Wages Appointment priority & Age upto 56 eligible for guest appointment GO JI 2/134/2023 Dated 20/10/2023
Appointment of daily wages on suspension vacancy - Regarding general instructions GO(P)NO.4516/2022 Dated 18/10/2023
Guest Salary in Covid Period-GO(MS) No 6235/2023 Gen.Edn dtd 16-10-2023
Guest Teachers SPARK ID approval by RDD.G.O.(RT)No.5503/2023/Gen.Edn Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 26/09/2023
ദിവസ വേതനാടിസ്‌ഥാനത്തിൽ താൽക്കാലിക അദ്ധ്യാപകരെ സ്‌കൂൾ തുറക്കുന്ന ദിവസം മുതൽ നിയമിക്കാം DGE/8784/2023H2 Dated 22-07-2023
Appointment of Guest/Daily wages Teachers in Aided schools -Circular No.3066/2023 GEDN Dated 29-05-2023
Appointment of Guest/Daily wages Teachers in Govt schools -Circular No.3068/2023 GEDN Dated 29-05-2023
Guest/Daily wages appointment-List from employment exchange. Circular. Dated 25-05-2022
Daily Wages Revised Rate Order GO(P) No. 29/21/Fin Dated 11-02-2021
Special Casual leave-Daily wages appointment-G.O.(Ms)No.215/2021/Gen.Edn Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 04-10-2021
Guest/Daily wages teachers remuneration in covid pandemic.GO(Ms) No.1957/2021/Gen.Edn dtd 26-02-2021
Rename TEN as Spark ID Circular :Dated 08-07-2021
Log Book for Guest Teacher
Appointment of Guest Teachers Bio Data Form
Appointment of Guest Teachers Interview Score Sheet
Basis of Interview for Guest Teachers
Sample Proceedings for Appointment of Guest Teachers
Proceedings by DDO of Guest Teachers
Spark Help
Guest/Daily wages Employees Registration module in Spark
Salary Processing of Temporary Employees in Spark
How to Register Temporary Employees in Spark
Temporary Employees Salary Processing in Spark-Tutorial by Dr.Manesh Kumar E

With Effect from HSST HSST(Jr) HST(HSA) LPST-UPST Order
01-02-2021 1455 1205 1100 955 Download
01-07-2019 1425 1180 1075 935 Download
01-07-2018 1395 1155 1050 915 Download
01-04-2017 1365 1130 1025 895 Download
01-04-2016 1300 1075 975 850 Download

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