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We warmly welcome you to our SPARK (Service and Payroll Administrative Repository for Kerala) help file forum.Discussion and Help File Notes Prepared by Sri.Ajayakumar K S, Statistical Investigator Grade I,Taluk Statistical Office, Karthikappally.

Spark Help Notes
Account Correction of Temporary Employees Procedure in Bims & Spark
Bank Account Correction in Benefeiciarues in Bims
New DDO in Office Procedure in Bims & Spark
Account has been Terminated How to Solve
Transfering Employees in Spark
Desingnation Correction of Employees in Spark(Higher)
Desingnation Correction of Employees in Spark(Lower)
Processing ELS of Employees Appointed Through Employment Exchange & Contarct Basis in Spark
How to Create Establishment Admin User in Spark
Foot Wear Allowance Processing in Spark
GIS Admission Through Viswas Portal
GIS Closure Application
Deduction GPAIS Amount in Spark
GPF / KPTCEPF Admission in Spark
Processing Salary Through LPC Entry in Spark
Generating Medisep ID Card of Employees
Correcting Name Date of Birth,Superannuation Date,Service Category change of Employees in Spark
New DDO in Office Procedures in Bims & Spark
NPS Admission Through Spark
Updating Office PIN Code in Spark
ELS Processing & Leave Surrender Processing
Online Leave Application in Spark
Online Reconcilation of Monthly Accounts Through KSEM Portal
Pay Revision Arrear of Terminal Surrender - First, Second, Third and Fourth Installments
PEN Creation in Spark
Probation Declaration in Spark
Professional Tax Preparation in Spark
Changing Salary Accounts of Employees
Changing Salary Percentage of Employees
SLI Admission
Spectacle Allowance Processing in Spark
Temporary Employees Festival Allowance Processing
Processing Salary of Temporary Employees in Spark
Temporary Employees Registration in Spark
Processing Terminal Surrender in Spark
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